Event Recap: It's not just about understanding data

Data Science: It's not just about understanding data

with Mason Grimshaw, Partner, Ode.

Mason is a local! Raised in Mission, South Dakota, on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, Mason currently calls Rapid City home. With his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Analytics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he enjoys applying quantitative methods for optimizing processes and solving hard problems. He's worked in logistics with the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority, financial sales with MFS (a mutual fund company), and currently works as a data scientist for the environment with Ode.

Data science is not just about understanding data; it's about making informed decisions. Mason delved into the world of prescriptive analytics, using daily fantasy baseball as a case study. While baseball was the playground for the evening, the techniques discussed have universal applicability. We learned how to forecast the future and strategically act on those predictions. Whether you're a baseball fan or just curious about data-driven decision-making, there's a takeaway for everyone. Mason delivered a hands-on example of how these methods can be seamlessly applied across various domains.

The event was sponsored by Omnitech and Haycamp Brewing Company.

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